Green Bay Metro Hoops

Where Players Go To Improve!

The Green Bay Metro Hoops Club is a higher level, instructional basketball program for girls/boys from 4th to 11th grade.  We are a not for profit organization with coaches who volunteer their time and skills to instruct our players at each level.

The Metro program is aimed at improving individual player skills by focusing on basketball fundamentals from all facets of the game.  We demand hard work, respect and discipline from our players with a constant focus on teamwork and improvement every time we step on the court. It is our goal to teach each player the basketball skills needed to be the best player they can be and the life skills needed to be the best person they can be. 

We are a traveling team that participates in tournaments playing against the best competition available in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.  Many of the tournaments we play in will be scouted by college coaches. 

The Metro program gives the players the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to these coaches, increasing their chances of being offered a scholarship to play at the next level.  

 The Metro season runs in the Spring and Summer and does not compete with the traditional school programs.  We work in conjunction with the school programs to bring a higher level of basketball to the Green Bay area. While our teams are focused 100% on basketball when on the court, there is also plenty of time to develop friendships off the court. 

Philosophy and Goals:

It is the philosophy of this program to provide the players the positive attitude, fundamentals and teamwork to be able to be successful to compete at a high level. By learning these skills, they will also be able to take the lessons learned and apply them in life. Our promise to the kids that participate, is that they will be taught the skills of the game. We will teach them how to play proper defense and also how to understand how to play offense. We will also promise that each athlete that will work hard at all times.